Local Information

Whether you are a lifelong Bellinghamster, planning a visit, or thinking about moving to Bellingham or Whatcom County, we can help provide you with local information. From a description of each of the Bellingham neighborhoods to the location of local coffee shops, we hope our site can help you find what you are looking for.  


Bellingham Neighborhoods

Location, location, location! Bellingham is comprised of 26 neighborhoods, each with its own charm and unique atmosphere. Find out which one is the right fit for you. 

Bellingham Rentals

If you are looking for Bellingham rentals, whether a rental house or apartments in Bellingham, or if you are looking to rent out your own property, we have a list of Bellingham property management services that may help.

Bellingham Schools

We have all the contact information for each of the schools in Bellingham. Are you looking to live near a certain school? Browse active listings near Bellingham schools. 

Local Coffee Shops

Don't know where to grab your morning coffee? View this map of local coffee shops. 

Local Restaurants

View our map of popular local dining areas. 

Local Hotels

Need a place to stay while visiting Bellingham? Browse this list of local hotels. 

Train Schedule

Whether you are heading to Seattle or Vancouver, B.C., the Amtrak train can get you there. 


Whatcom County

Whatcom County Cities

View listings for sale in each city in Whatcom County.  

Whatcom County Condos

Looking for a condo in Whatcom County or Washington state? The Whatcom County real estate market has something for everyone.

Whatcom County Demographics

What makes Whatcom County special? The people that live here! Check out these demographics and weather averages for Whatom County. 

Whatcom County Tax Assessors

This tool uses three professional methods to assess the falue of your home.

Whatcom County Maps

Take a look at our collection of Whatcom County Maps! We have NWMLS Code Maps and Bellingham Neighborhood Maps.

Whatcom County Water Associations

Here we have a list of the water associations and water suppliers in Whatcom County, complete with their contact information. Contact us for more information!

Relocation Information

Thinking about moving to a city in Whatcom County? Check out our relocation guide.