Selling a House in Bellingham

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 Serious buyers look through a lot of homes before making a decision, make their choice easier by bringing out the best in your home. Make your home more appealing to buyers by making small updates to the interior and exterior of your home. 



1. De-Personalize
Pack away photos and other family treasures - this helps potential buyers to picture themselves in their new home

2. De-Clutter
Make sure to look for unused or unnecessary object that detract from the key features of your house

3. Rearrange Closets & Cabinets
Make sure that when you glance in your bedroom closet or kitchen cabinet nothing personal is visible

4. Make Minor Repairs
Waxing floors, hanging up fresh towels often, cleaning out and airing any musty smelling areas, and dusting furniture, fan blades, and light fixtures are foolproof ways to keep your property looking its best for any visitors


1. Curb Appeal
Curb presence of your house is the first impression. It's what keeps the buyer interested or what makes them want to drive to the next property.

· Keep sidewalks clean
· Mow the lawn
· Paint faded window trim
· Keep gardens trimmed
· Make sure the house number is clear

2. Be the Buyer
Take a look at your house from the buyer's perspective. When you look at it from across the street, what makes you want to step up the sidewalk and through the front door?
What leaves you disinterested?