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You can easily discover the value of your home. If you've ever wondered how much your house is worth in today's real estate market our tools will give you an accurate estimate of your home based on local real estate market trends. Find out what homes have sold for in your neighborhood and learn the potential of your home value. Value my home

With the benefits of hiring us to represent your home far outweighing the upfront cost, why not hire our professional team to handle the sale of your investment? But don't take our word for it; see how we measure up.

If you had a $100,000 income tax problem would you attempt to solve it without the help of a CPA? What if you had a $100,000 legal question, would you hire a lawyer? Real estate is, for most of us, one of the largest investments and often exceeds $100,000. Click here to view some of our past sales.

Over 25 Years of Bellingham Real Estate Experience!

If you are facing a Foreclosure issue, or wish to learn more about a Short Sale, visit our Foreclosure Resources page.

The benefits of choosing the team to sell your property:

For Sale by OwnerAnother Broker
Backed by a TeamX?
Trained Professional NegotiatorX
Experience: Average # of Deals/Year0753
Established Leads and Qualified BuyersX?
Large Network of BrokersX?
Extensive Online Marketing & Social MediaX?
Exposure to Brokers in Canada, Seattle, ID, OR, etc.X?
Market Comparable Price EvaluationX
Closing SupportX
Faster ClosingX?
Full Time Agent??