Tide Calendar

Planning a vacation, trip to the beach, or sailing excursion? Let us help you out! Here is a tide calendar for the next few days! If you would like to see further into the year please click on the year you would like to view below!  

Tides 2013
Tides 2014
Tides 2015

Reading a Tide Chart

Under each month heading, the day of the month is bold to the left in the first column. The second column is the time of day and the third column is height measured in feet or centimeters. Using the table, the time given in column two means that at that time the tide will be at the height in column three. The higher the number, the higher the tide. If the height is a negative number the tide is low.

For example:

Time  Height
5:09a.m   9.09ft

This means that at 5:09a.m. the tide will be at a high tide of 9.09ft.

Tide Correction Chart

To view when the tide is high or low in other areas, use this tide corrections table and follow instructions before reading the tide charts. For a larger image please click on the chart.