New Bellingham Real Estate Website

We have made some big changes to our website.

About two months ago we started the process of redoing the BuyerMax website with the help of local web developer/UI design specialist, Maggie Wettergreen. Maggie was able to make our website visions come true. 

If you are a regular user of our site, then it should feel like a whole new website. We transformed the outdated, blocky layout to a modern, wide screen layout and added a map search as the focal point of the homepage. 

Throughout the website you will noticed a streamline look, as well as convienently located links to our most popular resources.

If you are new to our website and are curious about what it looked like before the makeover, check out these before and after pictures.


Old BuyerMax Homepage New BuyerMax Homepage

Featured Listings

Old BuyerMax Featured Listings New BuyerMax Featured Listings

Local Information

Old BuyerMax Local Information New BuyerMax Local Information

Buy A Home

Old Buy a Home Page New Buy a Home Page

Sell A House

Old Sell a House Page New Sell a House Page

Contact Us

Old Contact Us New Contact Us

About Keith

Old About Keith Cook New About Keith Cook

About Sally

Old About Sally Webb New About Sally Webb

Simplicity was the main focus of this makeover.

We wanted our visitors to be able to find what they were looking without having to dig too deep to find it. 

In addition to the improved aesthetics, we had Maggie optimize our website for mobile usage. The old website was not mobile friendly at all, so this was a huge improvement. The new site is very intuitive and adjusts to any screen size.

We are still making some small changes to the wording and content on each page but for the most part our website is complete.

Let us know what you think about our new website!