Buying a Home in Bellingham

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One of the best advantages you can give yourself when it comes to purchasing a home is having a skilled Buyer's Agent to negotiate for you. By hiring your agent ahead of time, you will be reassured that your agent is qualified to negotiate on your behalf. Whether you are negotiating the price or repairs on an inspection, we are trained to represent your best interest and leverage the motivations of the seller to make it happen! Don't get caught working with an under-skilled agent. Wouldn't you prefer to work with the most qualified real estate professional you can find?

  For Sale by Owner Another Broker Broker
Backed by a Team X ?
Trained Professional Negotiator X
Experience: Average # of Deals/Year 0 7 53
Established Leads and Qualified Buyers X ?
Large Network of Brokers X ?
Extensive Online Marketing & Social Media X ?
Exposure to Brokers in Canada, Seattle, ID, OR, etc. X ?
Market Comparable Price Evaluation X
Closing Support X
Faster Closing X ?
Full Time Agent ? ?

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