As we head into the ninth month of the year, here are some fun facts and holidays! 

September's Origins:

September is the ninth month of the year even though it has the Latin root of septem, which means seven. This is because it was the seventh month of the Roman calendar which did not include January or February. When people switched to the Gregorian calendar, the names stayed the same although the numerical value associated with them no longer matched up.

September Birthstone:


September Zodiac Signs:

Virgo and Libra  

September in Other Languages:

Chinese (Mandarin) - Jiuyuè
Danish - September
French - Septembre
Italian - Settembre
Latin - September
Spanish - Septiembre

Fun Facts:

  • September in the Norther Hemisphere is similar to March in the Southern Hemisphere

  • American college and professional football begins during September

  • The Anglo-Saxons called this month Gerst Monath (“barley month”) because this is when they would harvest their barley crops.

  • September is sometimes associated with fire because it was the month of Vulcan--the Roman god of fire and the forge.

Songs With "September" in the Title:

"September" - Chris Daughtry
"September Gurls" - The Bangles
"September Morn" - Neil Diamond
"See You in September" - The Happenings 
"September" - Earth, Wind & Fire

September Holidays: