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Throughout the process of selling your property, there are several ways we keep you involved...


Reports detailing the viewing activity for your property on several ad websites will be sent via email. Statistics around online advertising can be valuable feedback for gauging how much interest there is – this helps when making decisions about price and marketing strategy.


You will be given a personal log-in that will allow you to view all of our marketing activities and updates on your property including where your property is being advertised online and in print. This is updated regularly and can be viewed when convenient.


We request feedback from brokers who show your property or view it online. These brokers provide constructive feedback regarding price, appeal and market analysis, as well as honest feedback from their clients. We then send the feedback to you.


Authentisign is a secure online document signing service that allows us to have a safe option for you to legally sign all forms without having to be here in the office. It is very easy to use, and is a great feature when we just need to extend the expiration date on your listing, adjust the price, or get a form back quickly for a contract deadline.

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